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Wednesday, 30 June 2010

New Channel Crossing World Record!

On Friday 25 June Simon Bassett of 2XS and X-Train , Matt Argyle of  SUP Global and Jock Patterson from Brighton set a new record for paddle surfing across The English Channel. The relay from Dover to Calais took just over 5 hours 38 minutes (it took Laird Hamilton 7 hours!)

The record which is currently being ratified should stand as a new relay Guiness World Record. This will be confirmed in the next few weeks.

The crossing from Dover to Point Delas just south of Calais was in aid of Surfers Against Sewage and has raised (so far) just under £8000. If anyone would like to make any further donations please visit Simon's JustGiving Page or Matt's JustGiving Page.

Simon Bassett: "We had perfect conditions as we set off from Dover: flat water, light winds and sunshine. As the the crossing progressed, we hit a sea fog bank and had around 100 feet of visibility. A Tanker passed 200 feet in front of us, amazingly only visible on the support boat radar - we couldn't see it in the fog!
Fortunately the fog lifted and again we had perfect weather for the rest of the crossing to France. It was certainly much harder than we thought as we seemed to push against the current for most of the way there."

Matt Argyle: "The crossing was harder than I expected it to be, but it was an amazing experience. We had everything thrown at us from tankers, currents, the heat, choppy water, bow waves and even a pod of dolphins. It was amazing to be in the water and to see the coast of France come out of the haze, it was also an experience to be dodging giant ships through the shipping lane. We also sadly saw a lot of rubbish floating in the sea, so please take your rubbish home with you when you visit the beach and support Surfers Against Sewage in keeping our oceans clean."
Jock Patterson: "The crossing had many moods, it felt like different chapters in a book: a perfect start with clearing fog and sunshine, fog banks, chop, current and really tough paddling in the middle. Then the fog lifted and it became very hot and glassy. The sea breeze picked up and we got to France!

It was great to be out in the ocean with a bunch of mates. It's a day I will never forget - really magic. When the dolphins turned up it was like a thankyou for the work SAS are doing to keep the ocean clean and a good omen for the crossing.

The crossing wasn't just about the ego trip of setting a record. The bigger picture for all of us is about keeping the ocean clean and raisng awareness and funds for Surfers Against Sewage."

Elliot Dudley, the human torpedo from Cardiff and the 4th member of the team paddled the whole distance and was hoping for a sub 5 hour time but in the adverse conditions, managed 5 hours 38 mins for the 19.78 nautical mile distance and didn¹t stop for the until he hit the beach in France.
Even more amazingly Eliiot drove from dover to Watergate for a BLU surf competition on Saturday morning and came 3rd in the event.

Elliot Dudley: "Completing the crossing of the English Channel on an SUP was one of the hardest things I have ever done but also one of the most satisfying. To have raised so much money for such a great cause as SAS in the process just makes it all the sweeter. Hopefully we will also officially set the record for the fastest SUP crossing of the Channel pending the approval of Guinness World Records"
The boat crew had to film and log the crossing with witness statements to verify the record attempt.
The whole project was very well organised by Dom, Andy and Steve from the Surfers Against Sewage team and Claire on the video camera from BSUPA.

The whole experience, from the begining of the training 6 months ago has been a good one. Even down to the the last month when I have been laid out with back problems, not certain whether I was going to be able to take part and was just back to to fitness only a few days before leaving.

I would like to thank the folowing who supported us with gear: Jason Greame from Da Kine, Chris from Animal wetsuits, James from Big Salty (the forecast Guru), Caroline and Andy who helped with the training and Jane who put up with my moaning during the endless training. I also must not forget all the people who kindly donated money for the crossing and finally to Jock who hollered at me to keep up with Elliot all the way from Dover.

Matt and Simon Used 14 ft Bark Expeditions with Kialoa Shaka Pu'u Paddles. Elliot used the same Baord and a Werner paddle. Jock used a Naish 14 ft with Kiaola Nalu Paddle.


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Friday, 25 June 2010

The Cross Channel SUP brigade nears France!

This photo was taken on the way to Dover to pick up Jock. Simon looking a bit tired and hungry already! (8pm on 24th June)

5.37am on the day of the stand up paddle crossing from England to France, it's a bit foggy!

A quick carb loading stop at 6.45am

Unloading the van at 8am. Fog is being burnt off and it's getting hot!

Loading the boat at 8.30am - the wind is onshore - doh!

On the boat at 9am, heading to Sampire Hoe, ready for a 9.30am start.

The white cliffs of Dover!

Who forgot their compass?
And they're off. Eliot Steams ahead from the start!
Simon powering away from the cliffs
30 mins in, 3.5knt average, southerley wind, swimmer has just left Dover as well. All good so far
Jock starts and is going strong. Speed up to 4.2kts.
Entering the shipping lane in the fog, not ideal!
Heading over the choppy water on a sandbar!


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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The SUP Channel Crossing Latest

Simon having been suffering from back issues over the last few weeks has had the all clear to do the channel crossing .

The crossing which has a week window for favourable conditions from the Friday 18 June until 25 June .The crossing is in aid of Surfers Against Sewage and the group are hoping to raise 10k for the charity. www.sas.org.uk

Matt(Simons relay partner) and Simon Have been training hard for the Channel paddle surfing from West Wittering up to 15 miles in a session to get fit and make sure they have enough water skills to dodge the many tankers and ferries that use the waters between Dover and Calais .They will be using 14 ft boards specifically designed for distance paddle surfing.

The official crossing organised by SAS and BSUPA will also be a first for the attempt on Guinness Book of Records to set the fastest time .In total 4 riders will taking part Elliot Dudley Paddlesurf Champion from Cardiff and Jock Patterson Paddlesurf Overall winner 2009 from Brighton.

If you would like to sponsor either of them take a look at


More information on the attempt will be on http://www.2xs.co.uk/

Photo: Simon Bassett on left, Matt Argyle on right (http://www.2xs.co.uk/)


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Friday, 11 June 2010

The Golden Ticket Winners return to the Witterings

Club member Francis Goodwin was lucky enough to win "The Golden Ticket" to Maui in a Boards Mag competition. The whole family went on the trip of a lifetime, including Justin, who had this to say:

The windsurfing at "our" beach between Camp one and Kanaha was amazing with flat water on the inside and a decent wave break on the outside. The wind did not disappoint and blew between F5 and F8 most of the time.

We had some mornings of light wind for the little kids Taya (7) and Jenna (9) to practice. Emily (13) and Jack (11) were waterstarting experts, well into harness and footstraps and starting to jibe while Leah (11) progressed well into waterstarting and sailing in the harness.

Two doors down was Jeff Henderson from Hot Sails Maui. We frequently used "his" beach with the kids and he lent us a big board for Taya and Jenna and helped out with other bits and pieces for the GoPro. We also hired kids' kit from his shop Kanaha Kai.

Our trip was star-studded with Dave White looking after us and the Golden Ticket Granddad very well. He and a number of UK sailers (John Skye, Jamie Hancock, Timo Mullen and some of the boys from Boards - Paul Griffiths and Simon Crowther) came and sailed from our beach on several occasions. We also had the pleasure of sailing with Francisco Goya and Levi Siver while Jonny and Jace from Poorboyz fillmed the mayhem as we raced around getting the right kit together. Simon Bassett was living a couple of blocks up from us at Camp One and came down to check up on us regularly. We also were lucky to be out in Maui at the same time as Paul Simmons, his wife Nikki and daughter Amie so managed to share a few beers together and discuss the local talent.

All in all a fantastic trip filled with great conditions and great people. We are working on a return trip next year if funds allow..


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